Voice Command

Resulting Action

Execute Executes the code
Undo Reverses the previous action
New Variable [name] Creates a variable named [name] and assigns it a number.
Variable [#] Replaces 'Variable [#]' with the variable name assigned to [#].
Backspace Deletes the character behind the current cursor position
Capital Capitalizes the next character after the command
Enter Creates New Line
New Line Creates New Line
Tab Inserts a Tab
Space Inserts a Space
Move Left Moves Cursor Left
Move Right Moves Cursor Right
Move Up Moves Cursor Up
Move Down Moves Cursor Down
Move Line Start Moves Cursor to the Beginning of the Line
Move Line End Moves Cursor to the End of the Line
Move Group Left Moves Cursor one group to the left. A group is a stretch of word characters, a stretch of punctuation characters, a newline, or a stretch of more than one whitespace character.
Move Group Right Moves Cursor one group to the right.
Move Page Up Page Up
Move Page Down Page Down
Move Document Start Move to the Beginning of the Document
Move Document End Move to the End of the Document

Voice Input

Printed Result

Left Parenthesis (
Right Parenthesis )
Colon :
Comma ,
Left Bracket [
Right Bracket ]
Left Brace {
Right Brace }
SemiColon ;
Dot .
Period .
Double Quote "
Quote "
Single Quote '
Back-slash \
Forward-slash /
Hashtag #

Keyboard Command

Resulting Action

Alt + R Begin/Stop Recording

How to Use
To use this website to create python code, simply start recording your voice through a microphone by clicking the record icon in the top left corner or by using the keyboard shortcut.
To begin coding once your voice is being recorded, simply speak the text that you want to appear on the screen using the voice commands & inputs provided above.
For example, "for i in range left parenthesis five right parenthesis colon" - which yields "for i in range( 5 ):".

The Download button is used to download the current code in the editor as a .py file to your computer.
The Upload button is used to select a file from your computer to make its contents appear in the editor, i.e. uploading a file into the editor for editing.
None of these processes involve storing your code on the server - all of your code is kept private.

This website was co-created by Charles Zhao and Edward Tyles for the purpose of allowing users to create Python code by simply using their voice.
Idea for the website provided by Dr. Gabor.

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